how the fuck am i supposed to make life decisions i’m not even sure i want to be alive

updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend

if you’re going to the 1D/5SOS show on Wednesday in Atlanta, let me know! I’m going alone, so I’m gonna look like a complete loser. 

I will be her.


you don’t know what fear is until you play a 5sos keek in public not knowing if they are gonna start screaming like 5 year olds and cussing left to right

"fucking idiot"

- me to me (via gnarly)

So, my best friend met Demi Lovato yesterday whilst dressed as a unicorn.

I think she’s pretty damn cool. ❤️



it breaks my heart knowing that i will never receive a blowjob

what the fuck why do so many people think they will never receive a blowjob

Because we have vaginas

Still hasn’t hit me that I’m seeing 1D in like 4 days.



who do we love? ZAYN
when do we love him? ALWAYS